25.02.16 Major changes are afoot! Maggie is on an airplane back to the USA, while Sonovo carries on offering quality mastering with our existing and upcoming engineers.

Sonovo is a full service professional mastering studio located in Stavanger, Norway.
We provide mastering for stereo (CD, vinyl, iTunes, Spotify, TV) and 5.1 surround (BluRay, DVD, film, HD-TV). Sonovo has been verified by Apple to comply to it's "Mastered for iTunes" guidelines and is an approved provider.

We are unique in offering a
High Resolution Reference (HRR) to our customers - a listening reference at the highest studio quality available.

In addition to our core
mastering services, we offer location recording, editing and mixing services. We have experience with location sound and post services for film as well. We also offer noise removal/restoration, and CD/LP/DVD/Blu-ray production.

(p.s. we also have the best espresso in town ;-)

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+47 450 199 46 or 900 558 68 // post [AT] sonovo.no // Postboks 513, 4003 Stavanger NORWAY