About Sonovo

Sonovo is Norway's premier mastering studio, ideally located amongst the fjords of western Norway. Established in 2003, Sonovo has become the first choice for many artists, producers and labels in Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and other coastal cities. Today, Sonovo serves customers from all over the world.

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Thor Legvold is the owner and main engineer at Sonovo. Originally from the rich music scene of Los Angeles, he has a education in illustration and design from California State University and Art Center College of Design. An American with Norwegian heritage, Legvold moved to Stavanger in 2000, finding that both the city and western coast of Norway has its own unique musical voice and culture. An active bass player for both live and studio sessions in the 90's, Legvold focused on honing his mastering skills before opening Sonovo in early 2003.

Legvold has also consulted to both commercial entities and private parties regarding acoustics and sound technology, including the outfitting and running of Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound in Stavanger.

Thanks to: Ben Drews, Erlend Ronold, Ed Abbot and other friends for input and feedback for our new website. Soundtrack provided by Eric Clapton's 461 Ocean Boulevard first pressing vinyl LP.

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